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Marc L, MI

"Beautiful piece! Packaged great and arrived so fast! Looks even better in person as the depth and texture are amazing!"

Jordan W, IA

"I was looking for a piece to brighten up my eat-in dining area. Kristy's quirky, multi-media pieces fit perfectly and were even more magical in person. I will definitely be adding more of her work!"

Sebastian P, IA

"I recently purchased one of Kristy's originals and it was delivered in a matter of days! It's a beautiful piece that we LOVE having on display in our home. My wife and I both look forward to adding more of her work to our collection." 



"The things we know the best are the things we haven't been taught"

Luc de Clapiers

Perhaps you wonder how artists make their works? I know I do! So, for a little art adventure in my life… 


Each month I try something new and report back on how it went.  I’m untrained in art. What can possibly go awry? <insert eye roll>

Join me (and laugh along) for a short write-up. I'll try not to swear too much. Reading and commenting much appreciated!

Sign up below. Just add your email & click the button that says Click. 

Thank you, art friend. 

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