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About My Art

Why mixed media? I work with differing elements in my artwork because, similar to how our life experiences layer to create the complexity of who we are today, the multiple art substances and layers build a rich visual history that transforms and elevates the final piece.

By contrasting colors, materials, and mark-making, my art showcases how differences can not only complement one another but ultimately be more interesting than simply matching like-with-like.

Making art feels like Freedom– in materials, in movement, in creative choice–  and inspires me to keep exploring, discovering, and then sharing what I find. 

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My Story

I’m Kristy Evans, a mixed media artist living in Indianola, Iowa, with my writer husband, Al Kratz. I’m fairly new to painting, diving into art after a forced pivot.

Why the change? A midbrain cyst prompted my makeover from English teacher to fledgling artist. It’s been a struggle at times, but I’ve persevered and learned so much along the way. 

I’m so happy to share that I am fixed up with fully restored vision; but, that said, I will never forget the years-long experience that changed my life-- and my early art. 

In 2023, with daily double vision, I longed for simplicity and that started to show in my artwork. The tactile textures and added visual stimulation that I had so loved no longer pulled me in; instead, I wanted easy peace. 

During the hijacked eye performance and migraine auras, I realized how spacial relationships mattered and could be manipulated. 


So now, I feel inclined to create using more minimal marks, combining original painted papers in order to create simple compositions that still include visual textures. 


It’s a shift. And what will come next? 

I’m currently creating more series work with the intention of offering individual pieces that also can work together in group arrangements to fit your home’s space. 

Sign up below and I’ll let you know when the new collection is available. 

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