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This 12x12" piece was crafted by hand, showcasing bold colors and mixed media elements to create a strong visual impact with high texture detail. 


There are bars where the ambiance soaks into you the minute you walk in. You exhale the day and melt into a booth, listen to some soft music, order a drink and, if you’re lucky, stare into a fire. These places are such easy releases of whatever weighs heavy. 


This piece reminds me of that escape. 


Since the composition’s early layers, its warm color palette and connected marks, for me, have hinted at smooth jazz and the musician’s high-flying acrobatics and sweet staccatos, so I partnered the painting with a found piece of music about sunset and the end of the day. 


Whether you're looking to add a focal point to your living room, bedroom, or office, this original art will help transform any space into your one-of-a-kind sanctuary. 


I am committed to sharing affordable art that doesn't compromise on quality. Each of my artworks is created with “best practices” in mind. Specifically, this piece was created on professional quality, gallery-wrapped canvas. In addition, it has been treated with SPF protection to prevent sun damage. It is wired and ready to hang. 


Discover the joy of owning a truly unique piece of art for your home. 



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