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17. November Novelties.

This month has blown my mind in two different ways.

1. I resuscitated my Teacher Self and did an artist chat at The Village in Indianola. Preparing ideas and visuals then speaking– remembering that synergy– was a lot of fun.

2. A return to the MRI tube and brain cyst chats at Iowa Hospitals was not as fun but validating. My symptoms have increased & knowing the “why” is good.

So what next? I’ve decided to have a cyst surgery in late January. Some of this month has been spent researching and educating myself in order to make that decision. Recovery should go quickly and so I’ll be improved for the rest of 2024.

Once that outcome is in place, Al and I will be able to decide which art festivals to apply for. If I had to choose right now and "as is," it’d be very few/none as it requires so much eye movement which leaves me pretty uncomfortable. But I am hopeful that answer about art festivals can change to “as many as we like” and we’ll go from there.

But beyond my actual noggin, how do these two relate?

Art leaves space for asking “what if” and making moves to explore that question. I am dumb-struck at how medicine does some of that same questioning but on such a granular level. Who the heck figured out how to put a tiny camera and tools on the tip of an endoscope?

The advancements in brain surgery's approaches and techniques is simply amazing to me– and I recognize that smearing paint here & there as I do, well, beyond the “what if” exploration question, there’s no comparison. But I am sure grateful to ask/answer those art questions for myself in my studio & I am also grateful for doctors who can apply their asked/answered learning to my brain!

So bring on December and the holidays. My artwork is on display at The Village for the holiday month. I walked through with a friend yesterday and, seeing them installed together? What a warm feeling! (And as things turn cold outside, that’s extra appreciated.)

Small aside but important to me: There’s a publication called “Brain and Life” that focuses on lifestyle choices for a healthy brain. I’ve learned so much from each of its print editions that arrive in the mail! So for anyone with neurological anythings, it’s FREE & fascinating.

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