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16. Gallery Thrills

October was an “out on the town” month for my art. North River Arts Council had its inaugural Members Show and “Tilt” spent the month in Simpson College’s Art and Design Gallery.

Mid-month, Al and I traveled to New York City for a week, visiting several friends, several pizza places, and doing several artsy things. It was inspiring but perhaps the biggest realization for me: I was excited to get home and back to my own creative process!

By the end of October, I was completing preparation for installing 20+ originals at The Village in Indianola. My work will be on display there for November and December. Each piece needed a tag that included basic information and perhaps some tidbit that might be of interest to a viewer. Keeping them short was no small task– and times 20+ paintings! I tried to stay professional but I had fun with a few. Like this one:

  • “Magic Beets” (2023)

  • Mixed Media on Canvas

  • 20x27.5”

  • Jack planted magic beans with good results. This palette knife painting plays with beets! (Or maybe they’re radishes?) These whimsical garden abstracts remind me of childhood days gone by, helping my mother haul in her harvest. PSA: No cows harmed for seed acquisition. ;)

So what have I learned this month by going to MOMA in New York City and then also seeing my own works installed in local gallery settings? That it’s delicious. The lighting, the ample space, how the different artworks play together– all things that I didn’t even know I wanted. And knowing that I’m sharing my art out in a quiet venue and to a different audience feels great too (very different from busy art festivals where buyers are scooting through many booths and seeing art at a quickened pace).


On Monday, November 13th at 3 pm, I’ll be doing an artist’s chat at The Village. Beyond my personal story, I’m going to share a few tips for viewing and appreciating abstract artwork.


Urbandale Public Library has invited me to exhibit my work in their gallery for June and July. I’ll be excited to see them in their space (I love that library!).

Thanks for taking the time to follow my art happenings.

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