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These “Chunky Monkeys” are small but powerful. You don’t need much space for display, but their unique qualities and original created collage papers make them worth slowing down to study. 


Whether you hang them or set them on a shelf, they have presence and will insist on consideration. How to combine them and form your own monkey troop? That’s personal preference and part of the fun! Several colors are repeated for easy “echos” in your decorating. Maybe two blues on the wall and another on the bookshelf– let them call to one another: Echo, echo!



  • Each original collage is 5x5” and mounted on a BLICK premiere wooden cradle of 1.5” depth. 

  • The cradle has been sealed on the sides and the back.  

  • The collage has a coldwax topcoat for a nice “sheen” that isn’t overly reflective. 

  • Sawtooth hanger on back. 

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