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Sun Spot

Sun Spot

I painted this piece during the height of my vision problems caused by a midbrain cyst. During migraine aura “light shows,” I was fascinated by how shapes could drift into and away from each other and still somehow hold a connection. Rather than painting a traditional “focal point in the middle” composition, here I’ve allowed quieter space in the middle with points of interest in 3 of the 4 corners. And do you notice how that placement forces your eyes to move around the painting? I love that.


My brain cyst has been drained and my vision is all fixed up now, but that year-long struggle has changed so much of how I notice WHAT's in a space and HOW it's in a space. Silver lining. 


size: 18x24" on paper. This original will fit any standard frame. It has been SPF protected and sealed so you can display it with or without glass in the frame. This pricing includes the matte and frame. 



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