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In a world filled with chance encounters and unexpected moments, the idea of serendipity asks us to slow down and notice the surprising connections between the (seemingly) unrelated. Serendipity sparks our sense of wonder and gratitude, as it reminds us of the magic that can happen when we find something that we weren't actively seeking but immediately realize “fits” into our whole and enriches our journey. Serendipity celebrates the beauty of life's surprises and encourages us to embrace the unexpected with open hearts and minds.


This 18x24” painted piece on paper is built using underlayers of painted collage elements that add surface texture plus a rich and varied color history. To my eye, the vertical turquoise “river” backdrop adds the lightest allusion to both movement and stopping to take in the view. 


In this contrast, I see the beauty of serendipity, where the most extraordinary things often sprout from the tiniest of abstracted seeds. Framed up and hanging in your space, I hope that “Serendipity” might serve as a reminder to cherish the precious connections that make life truly remarkable. 

note: This original will fit any standard frame. It has been SPF protected and sealed so you can display it with or without glass in the frame. 


ON EXHIBIT: This original artwork is currently on display at Ankeny Kirkendall Public Library for February and March. Delivery of this purchase would come after the exhibit closes. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

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